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"In 2013, at the height of an economic crisis that befell Portugal, the Portuguese legislature decided to take a historic step and acknowledge the horrors of the 15th-century Inquisition in which hundreds of thousands of Jews were murdered, deported, and converted in the Iberian region (Spain and Portugal). In 2015 an amendment to the Portuguese Citizenship Act came into force and in practice constituted the opening shot for the rebuilding of the relationship between Portugal and the Jewish descendants of the deportation from Spain and Portugal.

Since then, more than 100,000 Jews have applied for citizenship in Portugal for themselves and their families. Many of them have sought to do so in order to build for themselves a safer, more global future with far more options. Many of the citizenship seekers discovered Portugal and even fell in love with it, just as it happened to me. Thus, history sought to correct itself, and those family members, some 500 years and decades after their ancestors, reconnected with their ancestral homeland."


Our goal, at the Portuguese Passport Club and the law firm of Mor & Co. is to help build the bridge. To help you reconnect with the Portuguese heritage and on the way also enjoy the global benefits that come with it. To that end, we have built a simple and friendly process that includes top-notch genealogists, professional lawyers in Israel, Portugal and Brazil and a supportive administrative team, who make sure your future (and the file and citizenship application) does not fall between the cracks and is always in safe hands.


Our club is for you, both in the process and after it is over. We will assist you with family citizenship processes (minors and spouses), civil marriage, relocation proceedings and the purchase of real estate in Portugal."


Lawyer Itay Mor

Founder of Mor & Co. Lawyers and Portuguese Passport Club

President of the Zionist Movement "Me'ever Lakeshet" ("Over the rainbow") - Portugal

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In 2015 a law was approved (Decree 30-A / 2015) according to which the right of Portuguese citizenship was granted to all Jews descendants who were expelled or converted from Spain and Portugal during the period of inquisition.


What is Inquisition?

The Inquisition was spiritual persecution of the Jews within the Iberian Peninsula that began in 1492 and led to the center of 1820. For quite 300 years the Sephardic Jews (as the Jews who inhabited the region at the time are called), were persecuted cruelly, tortured, and even killed. For them, the sole options were: escape, conversion, or death.


Those who were cruelly compelled to convert are called today- New Christians. people that once had an awareness of ancestral belonging to Judaism and today have resumed to the Jewish faith are named Bnei Anussim. Surnames such as Oliveira, Pereira, Mendes, Costa, Correia, Fernandes, Rodrigues, Tavares, Santos, Silva, Fogaça, Cardozo, Nunes, Fonseca and lots of others are quite common among new Christians and are likely to possess a Jewish origin, making those surnames automatically eligible for Portuguese citizenship. many Brazilians are eligible!


If you're a Sephardi and have any ancestor from North Africa, the center East, or the Balkan region, you're also eligible for citizenship and Passport Club can assist you simply and simply achieve Portuguese citizenship and European. 


The Portuguese passport is taken into account today one among the strongest within the world, which provides you many great advantages like studying education at extremely reduced costs or maybe free throughout Europe, an option of residency and free transit in any country within the European Union, Employment opportunities within the European Union countries with no visa requirement, business and tax benefits, and lots of more.

Steps towards citizenship: Euro


Genealogical study


Community approval in Portugal


Portuguese Government Approval


Obtaining a passport and citizenship
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