Advantages of the portuguese citizenship

Portuguese citizenship

Portuguese citizenship gives its holders full rights as citizens of the ECU Union, such as social rights, partly or fully subsidized education, housing options, employment, facility for real-estate investments and business opportunities, free movement across borders countries of the ECU Union (according to the Schengen Convention) and more.


Besides, European citizenship grants a passport that permits and facilitates entry into places that would not be accessed previously only with the Brazilian passport. A transparent example is that the visa to enter the United States- For citizens of the ECU Union the method may be a simple online form while for Brazilians it requires an extended process. an equivalent goes for other countries, like Canada and Japan.


However, from the instant a private becomes a Portuguese citizen, his / her husband/wife and youngsters have the proper to become Portuguese citizens. subsequent generations, guaranteeing the benefit and rights of your descendants!

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