Portuguese Citizenship

Step by step Process to obtain Portuguese citizenship:


1st Step - Genealogical Study:


Once you're curious about Portuguese citizenship through the Sephardic way, it's essential to spot your Sephardic Jewish ancestor. we have got a team of specialists both in Brazil and in Portugal who performs an excellent and detailed family study, reaching up to dozens of previous generations and identifying a Sephardi from Spain or Portugal in his family.


2nd Step - Certification of the Jewish Community of Portugal: 


The Portuguese citizenship law by the Sephardic way imposes a certification of the ancestry of the Jewish Community in Portugal. There are two communities regularized by the Portuguese government to hold out this procedure: The Jewish Community of Porto and therefore the Jewish Community of Lisbon. After finishing a really rich study administered by our genealogy team of Clube do Passport, an approval of descendants by the Jewish Community of Portugal is required. We prepare the submission within the framework imposed by the Jewish Community and received official approval.


That leads us to the last step:


3rd Step: Conservatory


Once approved by the Jewish Community, the certificate is being submitted, alongside other bureaucratic documents (such as ID, passport, etc.) to at least one of the conservatories of the Institute of Registries and Notaries - IRN of Portugal. These conservatories certify that the documents are original which you're eligible for the method . after confirming that- they perform your Portuguese birth registration.

Does everything look complicated? 

Don't worry! Clube do Passaporte offers a 360º service that will assist you and your family with Portuguese citizenship!

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