Requirements for Portuguese citizenship

1. Jews and descendants of Sephardic Jews (regardless of the degree of descent);

2. Over the age of 18 at the time of granting Citizenship;


3. Without convictions for crimes punished by the Portuguese Penal Law;


4. Families from countries like Portugal and Spain or territories recognized as places of destination for Jews in North Africa and therefore the Middle East after deportation by the inquisition, such as Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Syria, and others;


5. Holders of surnames from a known list (with quite 40,000 names).


Note: New Christians also are eligible for Portuguese citizenship, given the proof of their connection to the Sephardic Jewish ascendant. We believe the special work of genealogists who experts within the 15th and 16th centuries, both in Portugal and in several regions of Brazil, that have extensive experience with working with the Jewish Community of Portugal. Contact us for more information!

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