Steps to Obtain Portuguese Citizenship

Obtaining a passport and Portuguese citizenship is requires a bureaucratic and legal procedure that has several basic steps:


First step:

Collecting information and a genealogical test, which is essentially a test of your pedigree, the initial basis for your eligibility. This step involves issuing documents by the authorities. don't be concerned, we'll do everything for you! This tone, short or long, doesn't involve any risk on your part.


If you're a replacement Christian, this step is completed by our expert genealogists. they're going to analyze your eligibility by filling out a form and analyzing some requested documents. After this stage, they're going to begin all genealogical research, which constitutes a real and luxurious family heritage!


Second step:

 Approval from the Jewish community in Portugal - There are certain formats during which the appliance must be submitted, and there's information that has got to be included within the application so as for it to be accepted by the Jewish Community.

This step also involves the payment of the community itself for the analysis of the documents made by them.


Of course, we look out of everything here also. we've contacts within the community that help us to disseminate the appliance for our customers more effectively and freed from charge.


Once we received approval, citizenship approval by the Portuguese government may be a matter of your time and bureaucracy, as long as all requirements for obtaining citizenship are met.


This means that until we get the green light from the Jewish Community, if there's no got to perform the genealogical study, you're not risking anything, being the danger only ours.


Third step:

 Sending the citizenship application to the Portuguese government, made with our local representatives who work with us directly from Portugal, ensuring maximum efficiency, minimum time, and maximum possibilities for fulfillment.


Fourth step:

 Receipt of certificates and official documents.

 Obtaining the Portuguese certificate then receipt of Portuguese card (at the embassy in Brazil).

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Why issue citizenship and passport with us?


Clube do Passaporte is that the only company that mixes professional certainty, characterized by the support of specialized lawyers, and therefore the competence attested by our years of experience within the industry and our thousands of successful cases.


Our headquarters are located in Brazil, Israel, and Portugal. When the procedure for issuing Portuguese citizenship is administered everywhere, citizenship applicants through Clube do Passaporte, know that they're guaranteed maximum stability, certainty, transparency, and efficiency until obtaining the specified passport.


1. We do everything - but everything. with no hassles. the client doesn't need to make any special requests or maybe leave his own house.


2. the cases are being handled by Brazilian, Israelies, and Portuguese lawyers. the simplest and most professionals within the field, with experience in thousands of cases.


3. Transparency in costs - you are doing not need to pay surprising expenses, established between the lines of the contract. Our initial agreement covers the whole process, with no fright. Our entire process is governed by a contract signed between us and therefore the client, guaranteeing safety and seriousness.


4. Transparency within the process - our computerized systems will update you at every step of the method, without you having to figure hard.

5. Availability and professionalism - we are with you thru the phone, email, WhatsApp, and the other media. Each question will have a solution - not that you simply actually need to ask anything :)


6. Experience - many happy citizens and thousands of cases managed.


7. Availability of assistance throughout the country - the service is accessible to you anywhere within the country, just devour the phone and get in touch with us.

 Check your eligibility with our specialized Passport Club team!


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