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​"The Portuguese Passport Club has submitted thousands of applications for Portuguese citizenship to date, as time has passed the club has further streamlined the process, and today, thanks to the Portuguese workers and partners in the passport issuance process, the Passport Club knows how to provide a complete, holistic process from A to Z for its customers. In relation to the parts made in Israel and in relation to those made in Portugal. "


​ The Portuguese Passport Club was established out of great love for Portugal, and for the doors, it opens to Israelis in particular and to Jews in general. Anyone who knows Portugal from the tourist sites and the postcards already knows how beautiful it is, and what a wonderful energy it has, what they do not always know is that Portugal is an easy and available ticket to European citizenship for Jews deported from Spain, and what is less known is a real estate and business opportunities that lie within it.



​"Our vision is to enable as many people as possible to live as high a quality of life as possible, with the aim of creating easy ways and shortcuts to study, work and invest abroad and in particular in Portugal."


To this end, we have developed a number of active arms in the club:


"Portuguese Passport Club" - the Department of Portuguese Passports and European Citizenship. Our Portuguese citizenship activity has actually existed since the Portuguese Citizenship Law was enacted in 2015. Since then the citizenship process has changed greatly. Today we have perfected the working method and processes so that citizenship seekers can with minimum effort, minimum time, and maximum certainty get what they deserve and become Portuguese citizens. To this date, we have treated thousands of satisfied customers and have already issued hundreds of citizenships to our customers. The citizenship process of the Portuguese Passport Club is basically a ONE STOP SHOP for citizenship applicants. The team of the passport club including the attorneys in charge takes care of all the collection of documents with the authorities in Israel so that the applicant for citizenship does not have too much to do.


"Portuguese Real Estate Club" - the real estate investment department in Portugal - for individuals, investor groups, first-time entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs, and basically for everyone.

The Portuguese Passport Club was established by lawyer Itay Mor, after holding senior positions in high-tech companies, and commercial law firms. It all started with the news of the amendment to the Portuguese Citizenship Law by virtue of which Portuguese citizenship is granted somewhere in 2015 by virtue of which Itay actually got his private citizenship and passport. Over the years, lawyer Itay Mor has forged business and social ties with government officials, the Jewish community, and local operations and administration personnel in Portugal who produce a smooth and quick procedure. Since then everything has been history.

The Portuguese Passport Club currently operates in 3 international branches:

1. The Portuguese Passport Club - Israel.

2. The Portuguese Passport Club - Portugal.

3 Clube do Passaporte - Brazil.


The staff of the Portuguese Passport Club - Israel branch

Lawyer Itay Mor - Owner and CEO

Lawyer Amit Alaluf - Director of the Israel Branch

Gabriel Mizrahi - Director of the Brazil branch.

Ori Eden - Director of Administration

Or Rafalini - Service Manager

Ofir Kruvi - Service Manager

Shelli Farjun - Operations Manager.

Christ the Redeemer


In Brazil, Clube do Passaporte Português was created with a great love for Portugal and for the doors that opened to all or any the many descendants of Sephardic Jews, new Christians, and Bnei Anusim. Anyone who knows Portugal through tourist sites and postcards already knows how beautiful it is, and therefore the wonderful energy and cultures that the place offers. Now, our goal is to assist you, your family and as many descendants of Portuguese and Spanish within the inquisition to realize local citizenship that generates countless rights and therefore the certainty of security for all times.

"Our vision is to permit as many of us as possible to measure the very best quality of life possible, to manufacture easy ways and shortcuts to review, work and invest abroad and, especially, in Portugal".

Our office currently operates in 3 international branches:

1. The Portuguese Passport Club - Israel.

2. The Portuguese Passport Club - Portugal.

3. Clube do Passaporte - Brazil.

Adv Itay Mor | Founder and CEO

Amit Alaluf | Israel Branch Manager

Gabriel Ezra Mizrahi | Brazil Branch Manager

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BR | 11-992749723

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